Peter Newsom

Mom, Do You Have 80 Spare Quarters in Your Purse?

In Weird Stuff on September 3, 2007 at 3:17 pm



Nike has set up a “Joga Bonito”(beautiful game) branded soccer-ball vending machine in front of the Pier 40 recreation facilities, part of Hudson River Park, in New York City. Pier 40 has a bunch of soccer fields where local amateur leagues and schools play matches. For 20 bucks (that would be 80 quarters) you can buy a special, limited-edition Nike-branded soccer ball from the machine. The money goes to purchasing new soccer nets at Pier 40. The vending machine has a photograph of Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho on the side.

We could use one of these things over at the WCSA field…

  1. Cool. Thanks for sharing this…

  2. Just do alot of chores to get eighty quarters,
    and by the way how do they get them in or out?

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