Peter Newsom

Another WCSA Indoor Season on New Plastic Grass!

In Indoor Soccer on December 19, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Well, I wrapped up another season of WCSA Indoor Soccer. This fall I played for Coach Vysoky’s U14 team and we finished the regular season 9-2-1, the best record in our bracket.

I was the only new member on their team – as they’ve play together over several outdoor seasons. The WCSA only allows two travel soccer players to play on a recreational team – so it’s next to impossible to stay on the same team, season after season. In fact, I’ve never been on the same WCSA indoor team – over eight seasons of play. It doesn’t allow for much chemistry – but I believe I’ve probably played with most the kids my age, who play indoor soccer each year.

The only bummer for this season: we lost in the Championship game to a team we had played three times – and never lost to, all season. I guess it’s true that it’s hard to play any team four times and not lose at least once. I just wish we had gotten our loss out of the way earlier!

I started the season pretty strong, scoring seven goals in one of the first games – but two-thirds through the short season I fought a never-ending cold – not to mention a heavy travel and middle school practice and game schedule, simultaneously.

It was fun playing on Coach Vysoky’s team – especially since one of my best friends, Josh Vysoky, the Coach’s son, was on the team. Both of us played as Forwards and I had as much fun assisting on Josh’s goals, as I did making them. If was also great playing in the newly renovated indoor complex in Franklin. The artificial turf is new, the overhead lighting is brighter and the glass walls make it better for watching a game.


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