Peter Newsom

A Winning GMS Soccer Season

In GMS Soccer on December 20, 2009 at 6:09 pm

This year I started sixth grade at Grassland Middle School (GMS) and I made the GMS Junior Varsity (JV) Soccer team. The JV Team is made up of sixth graders and about eight seventh graders. We had great coaches, Head Coach Russ Keller and Assistant Coach Owen Grimenstein, who were very encouraging and they had all of us working like a veteran team within a matter of days.

I’m proud to say that we had a winning 5-1-1 season. Plus, I started in all of our games and scored in all but one of the games we won. The JV doesn’t have an end-of-the-year tournament – but I feel confident that if there had been one, we would have won it.

What made this experience really fun was to be on the same team with Brentwood Soccer Club players I normally play against – since I play for the Tennessee Futbol Club (TNFC). I now count many Brentwood players as great friends and teammates.

At the end of the season, Coach Keller chose me to play on the Varsity Team in the WMAA Championship Tournament. It was a real honor to be the only sixth grader selected. And best of all, we won!

We even had a Bowling Party on December 17th – to celebrate our successful season. I must admit that my bowling game wasn’t very impressive. Now, had they allowed me to kick the ball, I might have done much better!

Oh yeah, during the bowling party, Coach Keller and some of my teammates seemed to be impressed with my Michael Jackson moon walk. Those bowling shoes and wood floors really help. Give it a try!


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