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The Latest Battle of Franklin Ends in a Tie (kind of)

In Indoor Soccer on January 17, 2010 at 7:32 pm

With only 17 days into the New Year, it felt great to start “Twenty Ten” (2010) by winning some metal at the Battle of Franklin Indoor Tournament. We had a clean sweep, beating all the teams in our division – TNFC Arsenal, Brentwood Elite and TUSC.

And even though we didn’t have our whole team playing, we still managed to outscore our opponents 16-4, over the four games we played. It was a real team effort and everyone did a great job. Our defense and goalkeeping was especially amazing – allowing only 4 goals for the whole tournament series.

Unfortunately, we lost in the Championship game to TUSC, a team we had beaten – just 24 hours earlier. The final game was tied 0-0, at the end of regulation time, but it was decided by a five minute “Golden Goal” overtime. Football fans would know the Golden Goal as “Sudden Death”. The Good News: We all received a “Finalist” trophy (for 2nd place) – like the one in the picture, above.

Basically, a “Golden Goal” overtime is a method used to decide the winner of games in elimination matches, which end in a draw after the end of regulation time. Golden goal rules allow the team that scores the first goal, during extra time, to be declared the winner. The game finishes when a golden goal is scored.

To make it a little crazier, in our championship game, today, the referees added a different twist. The overtime started with only five players, including the goalie. Once the five-minute countdown clock started – each team had to pull a player off the field every 60 seconds. If the game was still tied, after five minutes – it would have gone to a penalty shoot-out.

I don’t want to sound like a sore loser – but I think Golden Goal tie-breakers stink. And, in my opinion. a Golden Goal overtime with players being eliminated every minute is just plain nuts.

Hey, I have an idea for an even “nuttier” unofficial tie-breaking method. Next time, maybe we should end the game in a ten-minute round of indoor soccer-dodgeball. Each team would have 12 players on the field, all standing 30 feet apart, and whichever team has the most players remaining, at the sound of the buzzer, wins!


Another WCSA Indoor Season on New Plastic Grass!

In Indoor Soccer on December 19, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Well, I wrapped up another season of WCSA Indoor Soccer. This fall I played for Coach Vysoky’s U14 team and we finished the regular season 9-2-1, the best record in our bracket.

I was the only new member on their team – as they’ve play together over several outdoor seasons. The WCSA only allows two travel soccer players to play on a recreational team – so it’s next to impossible to stay on the same team, season after season. In fact, I’ve never been on the same WCSA indoor team – over eight seasons of play. It doesn’t allow for much chemistry – but I believe I’ve probably played with most the kids my age, who play indoor soccer each year.

The only bummer for this season: we lost in the Championship game to a team we had played three times – and never lost to, all season. I guess it’s true that it’s hard to play any team four times and not lose at least once. I just wish we had gotten our loss out of the way earlier!

I started the season pretty strong, scoring seven goals in one of the first games – but two-thirds through the short season I fought a never-ending cold – not to mention a heavy travel and middle school practice and game schedule, simultaneously.

It was fun playing on Coach Vysoky’s team – especially since one of my best friends, Josh Vysoky, the Coach’s son, was on the team. Both of us played as Forwards and I had as much fun assisting on Josh’s goals, as I did making them. If was also great playing in the newly renovated indoor complex in Franklin. The artificial turf is new, the overhead lighting is brighter and the glass walls make it better for watching a game.

Best Indoor Goal – Ever

In Indoor Soccer, Soccer Videos on July 20, 2008 at 8:53 pm

As most know – I love indoor soccer.

If I ever make a goal like this – I pray that someone has a video camera pointed at me.

Indoor Soccer in Franklin, TN

In Indoor Soccer on September 9, 2007 at 7:21 pm


I love indoor soccer. It’s fast and you never have to deal with the weather. The cool thing is that there is no out-of-bounds – unless you kick the ball over the wall or the ball hits the ceiling. The trick is to use the walls to your advantage.

There are two indoor soccer places in Williamson County – one in Franklin and a newer one in Brentwood. We go to the one in Franklin – over by the WCSA fields on Downs Boulevard.

This year I had my birthday party at the Franklin Indoor Soccer place. I invited some of the friends I knew who liked soccer and we played the First Annual Franklin Cup Tournament. My parents even had jersey’s made for each team. I played on the blue team and we won! I got REALLY lucky and scored all of the goals for my team.

I’ve played on two indoor soccer teams and both had winning seasons. We didn’t win the whole thing – but, each time, we came pretty close.


I’m on the bottom right (as you look at your screen).

Coach Henke is on the right and Coach Brown is on the left. Both are great coaches – and really nice. Coach Henke is the father of two of my team mates (they’re twins) – on my indoor soccer team and my TNFC soccer team. Coach Brown was my first indoor soccer coach – and he also has twin boys. To add to the weirdness – my TNFC coach (Coach Quittana) also has twin boys – but they’re adults now.