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New High-Tech Red Card!

In Soccer Rules on October 12, 2008 at 2:02 pm

I recently saved up enough money for an iPhone and after playing around with it I’ve discovered how you can create your own “virtual red card”.

Just click on the APPS button and download a free application by the name of Flashlight. With Flashlight you can switch between 4 or 5 solid screen colors – and one of them is red!

This might come in handy if you’re a referee and you’ve lost your penalty cards.

Hey ref, just don’t forget to charge your iPhone before the game!

Zidane receiving a Red Card

Zidane receiving a Red Card

Ever wonder what will get you a red card? Well, here is what Wikipedia says…

In soccer a red card is shown by a referee to signify that a player has been sent off. A player who has been sent off is required to leave the field of play immediately and must take no further part in the game. The player who has been sent off cannot be replaced during the game; their team must continue the game with one player fewer. Law 12 of the Laws of the Game lists the categories of misconduct for which a player may be sent off. These are:

1. Serious foul play. This includes a tackle that endangers the safety of an opponent
2. Violent conduct
3. Spitting at anyone
4. A deliberate handling offence to deny an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by any player
other than a goalkeeper in his own penalty area
5. Committing an offence that denies an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity
6. Using offensive, insulting or abusive language or gestures
7. Receiving a second caution (yellow card) in one game


Offsides: The Most Confusing Rule for Parents

In Soccer Rules, Soccer Videos on September 8, 2007 at 8:12 pm

My dad did not play soccer when he was a kid. According to him, when he was 10 year old kid, (in 1968) there were no soccer teams or leagues in his hometown and he had never met anyone who had ever played the game. Poor guy.

Anyway, he now understands most soccer rules – but he still doesn’t understand offsides. And from what he says, most “ancient parents” like him don’t have a clue either. So, parents out there, this video is for you.